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Why was Zuma in hospital?

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Zuma in hospital: exhaustion and tests

Only a day after the ANC had urged President Zuma to take time off to rest, Jacob Zuma was admitted to a hospital in Pretoria. Mac Maharaj, spokesperson for the president, would reveal nothing more than that he had gone in for tests.

For reasons of privacy, the presidency could not reveal where Zuma was being treated. The only news was that the doctors were pleased with his condition, but they weren’t giving any further information about Zuma’s condition. Apparently the president’s son, Edward was not even aware that his father was in hospital.

Zuma in hospital: earlier this year

President Zuma spent some hours at Durban’s Life Entabeni Hospital, receiving treatment early this year. His visit to the hospital was described as an “unscheduled routine check-up”. As far as I’m concerned, unscheduled and routine can’t be used in the same sentence.

Some reports revealed then that Mr. Zuma saw his cardiologist, Dr Deena Dayalu, but the visit was not planned. That seems then that the president had some cardiac problem or scare. If so little information is given, one can only make your own logic conclusions, until the facts are revealed.

Zuma in hospital: soon after ANC gives him time off

The ANC national officials gave Zuma time off, as it seemed he was suffering from exhaustion. It was ascribed to a very challenging election campaign.

Deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa reported they found at the NEC lekgotla meeting, that the president needed some time off to rest, and made the decision to send him home.

Zuma in Hospital: discharged

President Jacob Zuma left the hospital on Sunday evening, but he will rest for a few more days. He will apparently be working from home and that is perhaps the indicator, if it is true, that president Zuma indeed only needed some rest and a few days of treatment.

The Presidency mentioned that Zuma, aged 72, under normal circumstances has two major medical examinations done per annum, usually in January and June. Medical examinations however, hardly ever results in hospitalisation.

Apparently the doctors felt he needed to be admitted to hospital for a “thorough check-up”. I can only wonder what they were looking for or expecting to find. However they were happy enough with the results, to discharge the president.

It is Mr. Zuma’s second term as president.

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